Cannabis Crops for Fun and Profit

This is Blake Hunter and he’s a Saskatchewan farmer. Of a different sort…

Blake grows fields of marijuana for consumers all across Canada, producing hemp oil, seed husks, flour and a wide range of products which are all good for you.

I met Blake in my university’s cafeteria one afternoon when I went to fetch coffee. What impressed me the most is Blake is a living illustration of one of my recommendations for reducing crime in Canada.

For the past ten years or so, I have been showing my students a series of PowerPoint slides which are entitled, "Five Solutions To Crime".

One solution is to have decent, high-paying jobs for young people wile protecting the environment. Cannabis can replace much of the wood fibre we use to produce paper products, leaving our forests in their pristine state for generations to come.

There are some parts of Canada which can easily produce 2 to 3 crops of cannabis per year. Jumping Lake, Saskatchewan is where Blake sets up shop with his brother, and the two of them produce hundreds of pounds of raw hemp for consumers.

You have to wonder why more people are not doing the same thing. Without evoking any conspiracy theories, it’s possible that the resistance by investors and provincial governments to encourage cannabis cultivation has much to do with archaic views about marijuana.

Marijuana has many medicinal and utilitarian qualities  which makes it a perfect crop to produce and sell.  If you’re interested in learning more, see his website at or email Blake at

Kudos to Blake and other young entrepreneurs who are redefining "drugs".


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