RCMP buys research to suit their ideological commitments

The newest allegation of improper behaviour by the RCMP comes from the Pivot Legal Society.

According to documents acquired under the Freedom of Information Act, the Mounties found researchers willing to publish studies that are strongly critical of Vancouver’s supervised injection site. Pivot has asked the federal Auditor General to determine if the Mounties used public money to fund the report. Pivot maintains that such action is beyond the mandate of the RCMP.

Here’s a quote from Pivot’s website showing how the RCMP wanted to keep their involvement secret, as revealed by their internal emails:

In one of these emails former Constable Chuck Doucette of the "E" division reports to his superiors that "Dr. Mangham’s report has now been published…As per our request, the report has no reference to the RCMP". Other emails refer to the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS as the "Centre for Excrements", and call on members of the RCMP to phone in to a local radio show, stating "You know that the Pro Insite side will have people lined up to support it. Let’s try get more calls in than they do".

This is a glimpse into how many members of the RCMP officialdom actually think. They are not interested in any research which contradicts their ideological commitment to "drug control through repression".

A few years ago, I had a conversation with a senior RCMP officer about controlling drugs in Canada. I asked him what evidence the RCMP would need to be convinced that our current enforcement efforts to control drugs was counter-productive. He paused for a moment and said, "It doesn’t matter what the evidence says, it’s our policy".

I appreciate his candid response. And he’s right. Our national police force has their own ideological agenda – one which they are now trying to propagate by buying research.


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