Ten Steps to Create Organized Crime in Canada

  1. Use the law to criminalize some products which the public demands.
  2. Allow organized crime to flourish for decades in Canada and invoke the demand that "something must be done" only when innocent people are killed.
  3. Have police and politicians rationalize the laws against contraband on the grounds that it "causes crime", irrespective of the science which fails to support the contraband-crime link.
  4. To deal with the "demand side" of the drug trade, fashion our national police force into "experts" on drug education so as to deter youth from using drugs, despite the research showing that programs like DARE have little or no effect on the choices of young people.
  5. Undermine respect for our laws against contraband by failing to criminalize corporate traffickers whose tobacco products kill tens of thousands of Canadians each year.
  6. Have the media give a dominant voice to "drug experts" who ignore or deny that drug laws are the source of organized crime. Give prime-time coverage to commentators who de-contextualize the problem and focus on "bad people" stories to account for organized crime.
  7. Sign trade agreements with dozens of countries under the mantra of "globalization" to increase the flow of goods into the country, making it virtually impossible to control what products are shipped into Canada, including firearms and drugs.
  8. Glamorize the lifestyles of gangsters, hoodlums, and the drug trade in story, film and music.
  9. Have the federal and provincial governments spend little or no money to research the strategies which show promise in having an impact on organized crime. Ensure that what little research is available does not get translated into public policy.
  10. Imbed all the issues above within a capitalist culture which stresses individualism, consumerism, and material success at any cost, including illegal means, as recently demonstrated by the CEOs and directors of multinational corporations.

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