Award Winning Cannabis Documentary: The Union

Another award-winning documentary that crushes the mythology of marijuana`s harms. Most impressive are the expertise of those interviewed for the film, and the depth of penetration into BC`s underground economy. Lawyers, accountants, bankers, tradesmen, realtors are part of the informal union which take advantage of our archaic drug laws. 
I’ve been listening to the police, Crown, and politicians lie to us about cannabis for 45 years. Irrespective of the science presented, they routinely default back to the "pot is evil" script – one which has paid off for their organizations or their personal careers. This movie will show you why they’ve been able to get away with their propaganda for so long.

This film should be required viewing for young people in Canada, starting in about Grade 8.For an eye-opener into the truth about cannabis, see The Union: The Business Behind Getting High.


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