Propaganda is Poisoning the WikiLeaks Story

Julian Assange is getting far too much attention for who he is, rather than the role he played in exposing communications which anger some the most powerful people in the world.

MacLean’s Magazine, a leading publication in Canada illustrates this fascination with wrong information about WikiLeaks with these words on the front page of their December 27 2010 print edition.

The Man Who Exposed the World.
The strange personal story of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

In a caption under his picture, we read,

“Assange calls himself the ‘editor-in-chief’ of WikiLeaks, and says his group has created ‘scientific’ journalism…”

which is a very different message from,

“Julian Assange, the Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, a group which holds that they are promoting “scientific journalism”.

By casting Julian Assange in a negative light in their cover story, the “spin” which MacLean’s deploys is subtle but nevertheless propaganda, “a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position”.

The mainstream media has chosen to focus on a man rather than the messages between and among the powerful, and what governments are doing to suppress the information which has been provided by “whistle-blowers” in the US and other governments.

It would be far more interesting and useful for people to see the mainstream media to focus on topics that really matter, such as:

  • A content analysis of the diplomatic cables which, among other things, show evidence that the United States uses its embassies for spying on foreign governments.
  • Opinions from legal experts about whether the actions of the WikiLeaks organization constitutes crime, or the legal status of actions by those who have provided information to WikiLeaks.
  • Opinions from legal experts as to whether the information released by WikiLeaks implicates highly placed state agents in criminal activity, including human rights violations and war crimes.

As long as the mainstream media embraces the “cult of the individual”, the public will not be informed about the more critically important issues of state power, crime and criminality.


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