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“Don’t buy property in the City of Victoria”

Rather than side with the occupational perspective of his peers which may alienate them from the polity they wish to influence, Bratzer might have taken the more progressive route and decried the structural conditions which have led to homeless and disorder in Victoria. Continue reading

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Drug Policies to Support Healthy Communities

How can we get past endless, polarized arguments about drugs which are often based on faulty reasoning and begin working towards creating policies which foster healthy communities? Continue reading

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Review: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

“Having cut down our sister species ‘ the Neanderthals and the Denisovan ‘ many generations ago, we’re now working on our first and second cousins. By the time we’re done, it’s quite possible that there will be among the great apes not a single representative left, except, that is, for us.’ Continue reading

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12 Steps To Environmental Sobriety

We admitted to ourselves, and to other human beings, the destructive nature of our consumption. Continue reading

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Immoral Drug Addicts?

To assign to one group of drug users our moral condemnation and stigma while remaining largely silent about the majority who abuse more harmful but legal drugs is an exercise in cognitive dissonance. Continue reading

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35 Fentanyl Deaths: The Cost of Prohibition

The responsibility for these 35 fentanyl deaths lies with our draconian prohibition laws. Continue reading

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The Poverty of Punishment

Maybe we don’t understand how punishment “works”, or if it works at all. Continue reading

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Systemic Racism, Illegitimate Laws and an Uncritical Media: Obstacles to Drug Policy Reform

The positive health outcomes with respect to tobacco control might be applied to a regulated cannabis market. Continue reading

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Solutions to Crime, Part 1: Peacekeeping Canada

In my last post, I suggested that there are features shared by the RCMP and the Hells Angels. Both are identifiable organizations or “gangs” which attract young people by offering excitement, camaraderie and the prospect of status and material rewards. Canada … Continue reading

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RCMP and Hells Angels: Not as Different as We Think!

A lawyer practicing in Nanaimo once told me, “There’s only two gangs in town. One has a clubhouse and the other has a headquarters”. The lawyer’s views were informed by what he considered to be the group’s ability to avoid … Continue reading

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