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“Don’t buy property in the City of Victoria”

Rather than side with the occupational perspective of his peers which may alienate them from the polity they wish to influence, Bratzer might have taken the more progressive route and decried the structural conditions which have led to homeless and disorder in Victoria. Continue reading

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Scott Newark Misleads Canadians about Crime

Who is Scott Newark? “Scott Newark is a former Alberta Crown prosecutor and executive officer of the Canadian Police Association. He is the author of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s recent study Why Canadian Crime Statistics Don’t Add Up: Not The Whole … Continue reading

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Tories take credit for drop in crime

In a recent tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, I asked how long it would take before the Canadian government took credit for the annual drop in crime which was reported this week by Statistics Canada. I didn’t believe any politician would have the effrontery to … Continue reading

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Crime Rates in Canada: What MP James Lunney Doesn’t Tell Us

“If you believe that stuff about the statistics saying crime is going down, someone is missing something with reality.” “Crime statistics have been manipulated to give the appearance that the crime rate is dropping. It doesn’t reflect reality.” –          James … Continue reading

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Competing Claims about Crime in Canada

The media has exposed us to competing claims about the state of crime in Canada. It’s not surprising that many Canadians may be a bit confused. Last fall, we heard Stockwell Day talk about high levels of “unreported crime”. He … Continue reading

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The Volume and Severity of Crime is Decreasing

Despite the efforts of some interest groups to convince us that crime rates in Canada are getting worse, the data suggest otherwise. For the last year in which complete national crime rate data is available (2007), Statistics Canada reports the … Continue reading

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