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“Don’t buy property in the City of Victoria”

Rather than side with the occupational perspective of his peers which may alienate them from the polity they wish to influence, Bratzer might have taken the more progressive route and decried the structural conditions which have led to homeless and disorder in Victoria. Continue reading

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RCMP and Hells Angels: Not as Different as We Think!

A lawyer practicing in Nanaimo once told me, “There’s only two gangs in town. One has a clubhouse and the other has a headquarters”. The lawyer’s views were informed by what he considered to be the group’s ability to avoid … Continue reading

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Scott Newark Misleads Canadians about Crime

Who is Scott Newark? “Scott Newark is a former Alberta Crown prosecutor and executive officer of the Canadian Police Association. He is the author of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s recent study Why Canadian Crime Statistics Don’t Add Up: Not The Whole … Continue reading

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The Immorality of Enforcing Marijuana Laws

The police should now admit that it is immoral for them to enforce the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) as it pertains to marijuana. Laws must be justified on some moral basis in order for them to be supported by … Continue reading

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RCMP: Difficult Entry, Difficult Exits

I’ve been educating students, many of whom aspire to join the RCMP, for the past 23 years. I’m often updated by former students about their rigorous application procedure, and why young women and men have been denied entry into the … Continue reading

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RCMP buys research to suit their ideological commitments

The newest allegation of improper behaviour by the RCMP comes from the Pivot Legal Society. According to documents acquired under the Freedom of Information Act, the Mounties found researchers willing to publish studies that are strongly critical of Vancouver’s supervised … Continue reading

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