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The Hole: Canadian Mining Corporations

Caution: The Hole is a documentary which will make you angry. The National Film Board’s documentary,┬áThe Hole, chronicles the history of mining in Ontario, specifically around the Sudbury region where Inco made its fortunes. The most dramatic take-away lessons we … Continue reading

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Propaganda is Poisoning the WikiLeaks Story

Julian Assange is getting far too much attention for who he is, rather than the role he played in exposing communications which anger some the most powerful people in the world. MacLean’s Magazine, a leading publication in Canada illustrates this … Continue reading

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Mass Murderer Apologizes for Slaughter

It’s been a long time coming, but the US Marine officer who oversaw the slaughter of more than 500 women, elderly men and children has finally taken responsibility, more than 40 years after his crimes. It was March 16, 1968 … Continue reading

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