Crimes of Humanity

The usual title for a critical analysis of law and human behaviour is “crimes against humanity”. A better descriptor is “crime of humanity” because since we’ve been on the planet (during the Holocene), we’ve slaughtered and enslaved our own species (directly or indirectly), and engaged in acquisitive activities which threaten all species on earth.

These claims are not what people want to hear. We’d rather believe in the modernist narrative about the progress of (western) civilization as it conquers ignorance and superstition through empirical science, creates a better standard of living for all, and spreads democracy to the world. The end product is the Anthropocene which is the last epoch for humankind, and that conclusion can be based on the historical record of men for the past 15,000 years, and to a lesser extent, women.

I do not make these claims lightly. The evidence of our mutation for violence and killing living things is abundant in science. Yes, we have the capacity for altruism and kindness, but it’s our dark side, the mutation which we call “intelligence” which is leading us to extinction.

The good news is that when we create the conditions for our own destruction, including widespread nuclear warfare and/or global warming, we also lay the essentials for new life on earth in future millennia. We might die, but life in some form will continue.

The Big Killers of Humankind

The responsibility for human death and misery rests largely with the state, both secular and religious.

Illegal Wars by the USA since 1990

Millions of lives have been lost since the 1980s because of illegal actions taken by the state, including

  • the slaughter of fleeing Iraqi troops from Kuwait (the so-called “highway of death“) under the administration of President George Bush (Senior) in 1991;
  • the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan on the pretense of killing Osama Bin Laden (2001-2014);
  • the illegal invasion of Iraq by the George W. Bush (Jr) White House administration in 2003 which triggered open, violent conflict between the Shia and Sunni groups, and ultimately created the conditions for war crimes committed by forces under the control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The United States has been able to deflect legal action against its state agents through the following means:

  • withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the pretense that

State Wars, Sanctioned by Law

Legal warfare requires the use of force, sanctioned by the state and